What is it?

Blood? I hope this isn't Chris's Blood.

Hi my name is Cunzy1 1, formerly one of the co-authors of That Guy's a Maniac, the world's second greatest video game blog of all time and I have a passion reader. A guilty passion. That is for dinosaurs in video games!

Every child or larvae has a fleeting obsession with dinosaurs (and other extinct prehistorid animals). They are big, scary and mysterious. But then girls get more interested in being women. A bit later boys get interested in the women that the girls are trying to become and dinosaurs kinda fall off the radar. THAT NEVER HAPPENED TO ME. Not to say I didn't become interested in women, WOMEN FRICKIN DINOSAURS. But then as I entered 'kidulthood' I began to become interested in videogames. After a time my two passions fused and collided, neurones were formed in my brain which bypassed all my "Don't obsess over dinosaurs in videogames" parts of my brain. Fortunately, my real day to day job brings me into contact with dinosaurs so this kinda counts as research.

Why this blog?
After clogging up That Guy's a Maniac with posts about dinosaurs I took it upon myself to become the World's Authority on Dinosaurs in Video Games. I'm going to collect them all, bust them wide open and make notes on the scientific accuracy of the games and their dinosaurness.
If you know of a game featuring dinosaurs* and other prehistoric animals** let me know and I'll add it to the 'must get and play' list. Then only then will I be the world's leading expert on dinosaurs in games. Hah!

*I mean real dinosaurs. That means no Yoshi or Bub and Bob. Possible evolutionary descendants of dinosaurs or genetically enhanced ones are allowed (e.g Dino Crisis 3). Godzilla is right out I'm afraid.
** You know what I mean mammoths, coelodonta, pterosaurs, icthyosaurs, plesiosaurs, ammonites, trilobites, vendezoa, carpoids etc.......