Final Fantasy VIII

Looks like Jurassic Park One. The bit with the jeep! But with Quetzacotl! Taking inspiration from the same mythology as Quetzalcoatlus the pterosaur. Cross Over geek overload!Final Fantasy VIII-PlayStation and PC
Although the fakiness of the dinosaurs in Final Fantasy VIII rivals that of Yoshi or of Bub and Bob the dinosaur in FFVIII makes the list because, hey it's my list and I think it's good enough. That's right kids I'm talking about T-Rexaur (seen here from IGN).

Dinosauriness: Once again that veritable slut of a videogame dinosaur a T-rex. Well a fake T-Rex.

Scientific Accuracy: I'm not sure of the SI unit for scaryness. T-rexaur isn't that scary but it is big and a bit vicious so I'm going for a standard 6/10, Try Harder

Buzz Bonus: The card game on FFVIII was super addictive, like crack and pringles mixed up into one and made into a virtual card game. The T-rexaur card isn't particularly great. A solid left and right but the above and below numbers are tricky. A good one for putting down in the middle after cards had already been played above and below.

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