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Richie made this Guitar Hero 2- Xbox 360 & PS2
Yep. That's right. I completely discovered this on my own. Don't believe me huh? Yeah that’s right Guitar hero 2! I’m sure you are all asking yourselves, “Dinosaurs in guitar hero? How? Where ? As if!” Well they are and they are not… there are 2 separate references to Dinosaurs.First up we have the two player select screen (see above).

Dinosauriness: As you can see from the above picture it depicts a Mammoth, Sabre-toothed Tiger, an extinct antelope, an ancestor of the foxes, some kind of Dinornis, smaller mammals, cats etc.

A Fighter jet dropping a bomb on them all.When I first saw this I was admittedly shocked to see some obscure extinct animals just on a 2 player co-operative sceen. But then I realised that this may be a graphical representation of one of the songs, which brings me nicely onto the next instance of “Dinosaurs” in Guitar hero 2:One of the bonus tracks: Fall of Pangaea, by Valient ThorrAdmittedly when I saw this track name in there I should have spewed a load into my underwear straight away. However my ejaculate was suppressed as Pangaea nowadays is rarely used properly, it is usually used in Sci-fi or Fantasy as the name of some country on a different planet/reality. For those of you who don’t know what Pangaea is, it is the name given to the “Supercontinent” millions of years ago when USA, Russia, Africa, Europe Australia etc were all joined together in one big happy land-mass. Anyways back to me attempting to fertilise my boxers… I never really listened to the song as, well, the song is rather “Metal” and the lyrics can sometimes be inaudible.Check out the Lyrics:before the dawning of mankindother creatures roamed this landthey were from a far off timeand they brought with them a planfrom a dying portal in the sky it came, a grey transporter set the skyablaze in search of sanctuary to the earth they came all life beforethis point had just been washed away asteroids and comets ripped rightthrough the atmosphere laid waste to all the dinosaurs its a cycle itsa cycle thats been going on since before this world began, even thoughthey cause destruction they’re vital they’re a vital part of reality,the spores in side were alive, when the dust settled over the oceanbedthey watched it they watched the natural process of evolution in theraw, lifeforms grew in the water and this is what they saw they sawvolcanoes, Earth was a wreck, the cooling of the lava produced a sideeffect they saw amoeba combine with light, they saw the first thingcrawl on land and try to walk upright they saw the dolphin, they sawthe ape, the combination of the two would help the world take shape(they bred them) on the beaches, it was called Pangea population spreadso fast it caused an imbalance, but that couldn’t stop em even then,c’mon!let’s get on the road, i got somethin to show, pull up yr roots, andpack yr bags, let’s go!let’s get on the road, i got somethin to show, pull up yr roots, andpack yr bags- let’s go to the mountain and then you will see the placewhere Pangea Ma-jor used to be the tectonic plates moved where workershad mined the shift in the continents divided mankind Tidal waves brokethe goddamned thing in half, 7 pieces that wouldn’t last spread likegerms, thats the human virus form seeds were planted here on earth,young mothers then gave birth they remembered the men from the sky,named them gods and never questioned why?climb up the mountain and see for yrself, the ice caps are melting awayfrom the shelf the earth is evolving, you must have forgot, the life onthis planet has only one shot.Tidal waves broke the goddamned thing in half, 7 pieces that wouldn’tlast earths been silent many times, u seem to forget:we are temporaryyou are temporarywe’re all temporaryAs you can see the lyrics do site some rather humorous palaeo-references. The whole song almost seems like an evolutionists “The end is nigh” sign… “The mass-extinction is coming”

Scientific Accuracy: Well the scale is out and there are some big anachronisms. The plane and the bombs? They came much later. I would also like to note that this entry is also not very scientifically accurate. The animals aren't given their proper names. It is as if I am having an off-day. Or like someone else wrote it....... Strange.

Buzz bonus: I also write another blog with Richie. I always beat him at Guitar Hero 2 especially this song too!


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