Dino Strike- Nintendo Wii

As promised I've now played through Dino Strike (not to be confused with Battle of Giants Dinosaur Strike) on the Wii. Sadly it was the bog standard version not the one with the green 20" blaster because we've got enough orifices that Wiimote will fit in without yet another piece of plastic for the pile. 

Dino Strike is an on rails shooter in the same vein as House of the Dead, Resident Evil Chronicles and Dead Space: Extraction with the distinct difference in that aside from featuring dinosaurs (and one other prehistoric creature), isn't very good at all. Until that is you play through all the levels dual wielding, in which case the game is almost passable. 

Where to start? You can probably guess the following details. You see there's an island (there is always an island). You crash your boat there. There's dinosaurs on the island. You have to navigate your way through a volcano and along a river and through a temple whilst shooting all kinds of dinosaurs in the face. What you were expecting something different? We don't normally care about how much graphics games have but this doesn't have many at all. The art of shooting, so key in a game all about shooting, is excuse the pun, hit-and-miss and the game liberally sprinkles you with continues acknowledging that sometimes a raptor will just ignore the shotgun shells to the face and maul you anyway. 

Dinosauriness: The cast is like THE gold standard for what you do with dinosaurs in video games. Jurassic Park raptors make up your typical goons. Spitting Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus attack you from a distance. Annoying Pteranodon fill in for annoying flying things that should be banned in all video games. Ankylosaurs are the beefy fat guys and then Tyrannosaurus is the boss. STANDARD FARE. 

Scientific Accuracy: Look at the creatures in that box art. Think about islands and cryptic dinosaurs and miss-sized dinosaurs and spitting Dilophosaurus. STANDARD ERRORS. 

Buzz Bonus: We were really really looking forward to Jurassic: The Hunted.