Killer Instinct

Ultra, ultra ultra ultraKiller Instinct- SNES
Although the dinosaur character from arguably the greatest beat em up of all time (second maybe to Warpath Jurassic Park) this game featured a character called Riptor who is a genetically bred and altered velociraptor, created by Ultratech to fight! The genetic alterations means that he could cough up green fireballs and for that matter, be alive in the first place. SPOILER If you beat the game with Riptor you were treated to glimpses of a world overrun with Riptor clones. Quite how this would happen nobody knows.

Dinosauriness: Killer Instinct only features a velociraptor (genetic hybrid).

Scientific Accuracy: I'd like to stick out my scientific neck and say that I highly doubt that the future will permit genetic reanimation and/or fireball breathing. Also, if I were in the mind to, I would point out that Velociraptors probably didn't have forked tongues and that it would be cheaper for Ultratech to create a Deinonychus which is about the right size for Riptor rather than create a Velociraptor and make it bigger. But I won't 7/10. Entirely plausible.

Buzz Bonus: Killer instinct featured Ultra combos, combos of 20+ hits you could perform on an opponent on low life. Riptor's was quite hard to do in so much that I did it once, by accident. Then again maybe I wasn't skilled enough :( Remember that this was also back in the day before GAMEFAQs and Cheat Magazines and the book with the game didn't tell you all the moves. That was good times, when gamers were gamers. None of this Gameshark rubbish or GameFaqs. *sigh*

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