Spare a thought for B.C.

Pretty exciting2010 is the year for dinosaur games readers. I can feel it in my waters but before we get all worked up for behemoths like the awesome Dinosaur D-Day let us spare a thought for a little gem that never made it to market. Today readers we stare at our shoes for two minutes for Lionhead's aborted B.C.
Neck it, neck it, neck it172 Million years ago it was the Jurassic period. 71 999 994 years later, Lie Head Peter Molyneux broke the news that a little game that Lionhead had been working on for the Xbox had been canceled. That game was B.C. or BC or B.C? . It is perhaps one of the most annoying games to look for on an internet search engine is what it is which is some kind of accolade. Anyway, BC would have been a game that celebrated the apocryphal co-existence of dinosaur and caveman as illustrated by many early silver screen dinosaur forays. Even to this day the artwork looks very nice and the game would have set the player in the shoes of (well third person so 10m behind the shoes of) a caveman chieftan who had to lead his tribe off of the menu and well details get sketchy. As you can see from the above and below screens though it had dinosaurs in it which makes us sad to think this is one prehistoric world we won't get to be a part of :(
So far so good and so old but there is a petition to get it going again if you think the world needs a bit more dinosaurs in games. Which it MOST DEFINITELY DOES. So go sign it you loons.

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