Timesplitters, Timesplitters Future Perfect and Tomb Raider 2

Timesplitters 2 and Timesplitters: Future Perfect-Playstation 2Shooooooot her! Shooooot her!, Xbox, Gamecube

The original Timesplitters was one of the greatest games of all time. Seriously! But they then went and made the sequel infinitely better by adding a dinosaur character to the roster. He is just called Dinosaur.

Dinosauriness: Well surprise surprise it's just another T.rex. This species seems to be overwhelmingly popular with game makers.

Scientific Accuracy: I highly doubt that T.rex could fire or even hold automatic weapons. Indeed Bakker even says so much in the seminal volume the Dinosaur Heresies (Bakker 1986) in the chapter: Gun-toting, how sauropods and large theropods are at a serious disadvantage in all out gunfights. But it is Timesplitters 2 so I'm going to stick my neck out and say that this version of T.rex is perhaps the most accurate reconstruction ever to grace the screen. 10/10

Buzz Bonus: Timesplitters 2 was and still is the greatest game of all time. Timesplitters Future Perfect is and will always be the worst sequel of all time. This isn't the place for this rant but take my word for it. However, Dinosaur was in both games so we can thank the God of small mercies at least. Oh, also, according to the character gallery in Timesplitters 2 Dinosaur: "breathes fire and has vestigal forelimbs". I think the breathes fire bit might affect the scientific accuracy but it's too late to change it now. *sigh*

Tomb Raider 1

Tomb Raider 2-PlayStation & PC
How did you get there? OH GOD HOW DID THEY GET THERE? On the first level, the Great Wall of China, right near the end of the level after the gauntlet and before the death slide to the Goon with a "Tommy Gun" on his keyring there is a pit with TWO Tyrannosaurus rex in it. There is also a secret with a grenade launcher.

Dinosaurness: Once again just T.rex the Jimmy Carr of TV for dinosaurs in games.

Scientific Accuracy: Low. Very Low. How two Tyrannosaurus rex got into the big pit is a mystery. Were they transported as babies and then fed until they grew into adults? In that case how come they aren't etiolated there isn't much light in an underground valley? Also who put them there? Why did they put them in the pit and not by the gate? Where did they find T.rex? All these questions and more. Also a population of 2 isn't going to be enough to keep a constant population of T.rex in the pit after a couple of generations, assuming that a)There's a boy and a girl, b)They aren't Homeosaurs ha ha ha and c)It doesn't matter anyway they aren't real and Lara kills them.

Buzz Bonus: I saw a real life T.rex in a pit once. I didn't go in though- too dangerous.

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