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Animal Crossing- GamCube & Animal Crossing :Wild World-Nintendo DS
Dinosaurs you say? What now? Well good friends Animal Crossing has dinosaurs a plenty. Your town in Animal Crossing has an empty museum and you can decide whether to donate any fossils, insects, fish or paintings you find. Blathers the museum curator is always happy to identify fossils and accept donations. Alternatively you can erect the fossils and skeletons in your house or sell them to Tom Nook, the village trader. This could be seen as condoning the illegal trade in fossils readers! Be wary! Here's a screenshot (above from gamespot).

Personally my house has a Stegosaurus skeleton with a mammoth head! Such larks. Wild World is pretty much the same with the option of going online and showing of your fossil collection or contributions to the museum! Glory!

Dinosaurness: Well there are a range of fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures including Amber, an Ammonite, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Dimetrodon, Dinosaur droppings, a Dinosaur Egg, Dinosaur Footprint, a fern fossil, Iguanodon, Mammoth, Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurlophus, Peking Man, Plesiosaurus, Pteranodon, a Fossil Shark Tooth, Seismosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops and a Trilobite.

Scientific Accuracy: Pretty frickin comprehensive fossil set however the Animal Crossing Town must have a very unique geology what with all these finds from such a limited area. The fossils can be found with relative ease and without extensive excavation so perhaps the geology of the basin in which the town is situated is complex. WHO KNOWS! It's difficult to say without a full survey. However, as can be seen above you can see all the major bones in the skeletons. Well done Animal Crossingss

Buzz Bonus: Due to the drawing tool in the game there is plenty of scope for creativity. YOU COULD MAKE THE TOWN FLAG A DINOSAUR FLAG or YOU COULD DESIGN A DINOSAUR THEMED T-SHIRT. Very exciting indeed.

Ape Escape-Playstation
Clarification is needed on this one. My long time gaming buddy, Chuff_72 alleges that on one level
"I mean there's a huge dino in ape escape, and I think it's pretty much based on a real one"

Verdict: TO BE CONFIRMED. Although already I am very excited about the possibility

UPDATE: With this exciting screenshot from Gamespot it looks like the rumour is true! Put Ape Escape on my need list
It's all got a bit exciting here!


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