Stranglehold and Super Smash Brothers

Stranglehold- Xbox 360 and PC

Ooooooh Mucho speculatory with this one but screenshots tell us that this game has a level set in a Natural History Museum and/or gallery.

Dinosauriness: From this screenshot alone (sorry) looks like we have: Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Dunkleosteus, a Mosasaur, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus (snore) and a Velociraptor.

Scientific Accuracy: Pretty scientifically accurate there my friends. All of the dinosaurs seem to be to scale and you can even see specific specimens, so the Velociraptor skeleton at the back on the left is the exact specimen from the 1971 Polish-Mongolia expedition and right at the back, almost obscured by the strut supporting the T.rex it looks like the British Museum specimen of Archaeopteryx! Wowsers. Probably the nicest looking virtual museum you'll ever see.

Buzz Bonus: There is currently only 2 PCs worldwide that can play Stranglehold the specs are that high. There is always the 360 tho'.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl-Nintendo Wii
You see! You see them! You see? Speculation city right now but from the looks of this screenie currently over at Smash Bros. DOJO it looks like fossil-o-rama at the new Pokemon Stadium.

Dinosauriness: From this screenshot and this screenshot alone it looks like we've got Kabutops and Omastar fossils which are the poke-parodies of Trilobites and Ammonites.

Scientific Accuracy: Well considering that it's set in a game where all the Nintendo characters come together to beat the crap out of each other I'd say.... PRETTY FRICKIN ACCURATE. 90% Accurate in fact.

Buzz Bonus: I don't have a Wii but this might change all that. Keep your eyes peeled citizens.

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