Deathtrap Dungeon, Demo 1, Dino Crises, Dino Masters, Dinotopia the Sunstone Pirates

Deathtrap Dungeon-PlayStation Yes boys and girls it looks like he has an arm off
There's like this Tyrannosaurus rex in it on the circus level and if you preordered the game you got this cool little card game with it too. That also had a T.rex in it albeit a card. Deathtrap Dungeon was both very hard and cool. You should get a copy of it today. In fact, better still send me copies!

Dinosaurness: Malheuresement, there was only one dinosaur in DD and that was the "king" of all dinosaurs T.rex

Scientific Accuracy: Not good. I'd say a 2/10. The T.rex is anatomically fair enough but I'm not sure about it's presence in a Circus themed dungeon miles underground. More research is needed by scientists to discover the possible origins of this Tyrannosaurus rex. Maybe it was transported from elsewhere or maybe it was found underground. Either way Science needs to find an answer.

Buzz Bonus: I don't really like Tyrannosaurus rex, as a species it totally sold out man. There are totally cooler dinosaur species which are like so underground right now, you probably haven't heard of them. For example one of my favourite bands, Yanchuangosaurus, I have all their albums and they haven't actually released any commercially yet and I saw them play behind one of the stages at Reading and like they were the best and I know someone who totally went to school with their ex-drummer.

Demo 1-PlayStation
Not a game as such but the Demo 1 disc that came with the original Playstation had two tech demos, one of a Manta Ray and one of a frikkin Tyrannosaurus rex. He would stomp along the screen to a bum, bum, de bum, bum theme tune. You could spin the camera and zoom in and zoom out. There was also a button you could press to make hime OPEN HIS MOUTH! Unfortunately, the Manta ray one was much better. The music was better and you could press buttons to make ALL THE FISHES SWIMMING AROUND IT go away or come back again! Screenie needed for this one.

Dinosaurness: Again. Only a T.rex :(

Scientific Accuracy: It wasn't bad. Of course nowadays it looks dated. However, the T.rex was running in a black void. How did he get there? Was it cold? Like all the good science questions and like the end of every Panorama or Horizons TV episode more research is needed to answer these questions.

Buzz Bonus: Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. Fishes go away, fishes come back. It was hours and hours of fun I'm tellin' ya.

Dino Crisis- Dreamcast, PC, PlayStation

RAAAAAARGH!Capcom's dinosaur version of Resident Evil. There's a thing and then there's dinosaurs and then shooting of said dinosaurs. However, Regina (above) must have the same crippling disease that the Resident Evil crew have in that she can't run and shoot. Women are supposed to excel at multitasking though! Ha.

Dinosauriness: On a recent playthrough, the dinosauriness is a lot less than I originally remembered. Anyway here's the list. Compsognathus, Deinonychus, Therizinosaurus, T.rex and Velociraptor. Clicks for Pteranodon too.

Scientific Accuracy: Quickly glazing over the time travelling aspects (naturally) some of the dinosaurs appear to be anachronistic with regards to each other, Compsognathus known from the Jurassic and Deinonychus known from the early Cretaceous. The others are pretty much coeval without too much of a leap in time. By and large the titular creatures seem quite accurate in scale with the exception of Velociraptor but what'cha gonna do about it? 6/10

Buzz Bonus: Beating the game in a certain time unlocked extra outfits. Beating the game again unlocked Regina's cave woman outfit. Yes it did.

Dino Crisis 2-PC and PlayStation
Brad? Hang on wait a minute Yes hot on the heels of Dino Crisis came the imaginatively titled Dino Crisis 2. Following the mysterious events in a mansion on the outskirts of Racoon City. Sorry, following the events of some time travelling doo-dah, there is another oppurtunity for shooting some dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures! Yaaay! Since the previous game Regina and company mastered running and shooting, significantly increasing survival chances.

Dinosauriness: The roster was boosted for the second game. This time Allosaurus, Compsognathus, Giganotosaurus, the Permian gorgonopsid Inostrancevia, Mosasaurus, Oviraptor, Plesiosaurus, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor make up the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures list.

Scientific Accuracy: Ummm yes. Time travel aside some big anachronisms with the spp. present. But it's an action game so get on with it.

Buzz bonus: Regina's outfit was unlockable in Resident Evil 3 (see above). Brad looks horrified Regina!!

Dino Crisis 3-Xbox
It's a zombie dinosaurAs is inevitable with any series there is a strong impetus to 'ramp it up' from one game to the next. Unfortunately, in the instance of Dino Crisis 3 this particular sequel ruined an otherwise nice series of games. In a bid to keep the series alive the setting was shifted to space and the real dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures were unceremoniously changed to electric zombie versions. The controls were also changed from intuitive to very bad. Sad but true.

Dinosaurness: No real dinosaurs per se but lots of modified versions of real spp. Here is the list; Ankylosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor. Really breaking the mold with that selection. Yes sir.

Scientific Accuracy: After we take of points for setting it in space and then further points for the mutated DNA storyline. I won't spoil it but the accuracy here is low. 3/10 is an arbitary measure I have decided to give it.

Buzz Bonus: Despite the B movie plot, awful controls and camera this game is very nice looking and if you get a chance watch some of the cutscenes on Youtube because they are good in a dinosaur stompy way.

Dino Masters- Nintendo DS

Oh dear Dino Master is a little game I had been trying to get hold of for a long time. And thanks to Santa Claus, I now have it! Initial words from the internet slated this game, unneccessarily so. Gamespot criticised the controls system, claiming that stylus input is "unpredictable". This simply isn't the case. I say that Gamespot should stop employing monkeys who can't hold a stylus to review games. Of all the criticisms that could be aimed at this game, stylus input isn't one of them. I've had more trouble with the touch screen on Metroid and the Phantom Hourglass but you don't hear the shallow ninty-philes whinge about that. How dare they! Anyway, simply you have to collect fossils, reanimate them and then there is an option to use them in battle against a handful of bots or over wi-fi (I cannot imagine this game has ever been played over wi-fi). So far, so Pokemon or Fossil Championship Tournament league (or whatever it's called). Well after extensive gmeplay I can tell you it is the greatest DS game to date. Definitely the game of 2007. Try and find a copy, you won't be upset!

Dinotopia: The Timestone Pirates-GBA

Oh Frodo if it's not rings it's stonesThis little gem for the GBA, despite having a high potential to be another tie-in rubbishness is.........actually alright. It plays solidly, the graphics are nice, even if the whole thing is a little bit generic. There is a platforming section, a side scrolling shooting section and a submarine section. Downsides: The main character looks like Frodo Baggins and It's hard to get drawn in to the story which is basically: Frodo fights pirates who took eggs to get to the Timestone. It's up to you to work through several get from A to B levels, using your sunprod to find T.rex eggs and unveiling the mystery behind why pirates might want a Timestone. A stone that controls time. Hmmmm I wonder?

Dinosauriness: Due to the nature of the source material, a series which, weirdly, completely passed me by, there are a plethora of dinosaurs in the game and other prehistoric creatures feature either as rudimentary vehicles or nice background animated features also in the "cut scenes". However, I have yet to complete this game so this list may not be comprehensive:

Brachiosaurus, Dunkleosteus, Parasaurlophus, Plesiosaurus, Protoceratops, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Tyrannosurus Rex. Dinosaurs that look like Triceratops and Kentrosaurus appear in one of the cut scenes featuring the Dinotopia council. I don't know if that officially counts though.

Scientific Accuracy: Yeah, it's got legs, I'm not so convinced about some of the scales of the dinos and the 'shipwrecked humans living with sentient dinosaurs' bit is a stretch too far. The Frodo cross over is just a hollywood cash in. God damn you Hollywood and your cash-ins.

Buzz Bonus: I have nothing interesting to say about this game. Except check out the clips of Dinotopia on YouTube. It's awful. Wentworth Miller acts like he is twelve years old and has been starched for a week. Ha ha! "Wentworth". Ah.........

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