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Yes! Readers of the other stupid thing I do on the internet will know that I am a bit partial to a bit of the Pokémon. I justify this to myself by claiming there be prehistoric creatures in them thar games. Or parodies of anyway. The above Pokémon and their pre-evolutions represent the first, second and third generation of prehistoric pokémon. From left to right we have Omastar (representing ammonites), Kabutops (representing trilobites), Aerodactyl (representing pterosaurs), Cradily (representing Crinoids many groups of which were mor eprevalent in ancient times), Armaldo (representing Anomalocaris, the prevolution is clearer), Relicanth (representing coelacanths for completeness) and Piloswine (representing mammoths). The fourth generation introduced the first true dinosaur critters, Rampardos (Pachycephalosaurs) and Bastiodon (Ceratopsian dinosaurs) are here on the left. Pokémon players must revive fossils that they find in the game to own these extinct pokémon (Swinub, Relicanth and Piloswine can be caught in the wild). The Pokémon series of games is famously a parody of biological organisms we find today and as fossils. Most of the major groups are represented (some to an agreeable level of accuracy).

Dinosauriness: (Parodies-of people!) Ammonites, Anomalocaris, Ceratopsian dinosaurs, Coelacanths, Crinoids, Mammoths, Pachycephalosaurus, Pterosaurs and Trilobites. I appreciate that crinoids and coelacanths are still around today but this is my website K?

Scientific Accuracy: Well. Once we get past the "not real animals" and the whole "reviving fossils" business I'd say 9.5/10. Yeah. 9.5/10.

Buzz Bonus: As you may know Pokémon can only say their own name or parts thereof. What evolutionary benefit this has no one knows but one person might be able to tell you. That person is OMASTAR!


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