Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black and White is the next Pokemon game to introduce even more critters to the mix. We've previously blogged the mon inspired by dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that are normally revived from fossils and B&W introduces two new 'uns.

Archaeos which, we hope you'll agree is an homage to fossil extroardinaire Archaeopteryx.

And here is Abagoura who, we hope you will agree again is an homage to super fossil turtle Archelon. Two of my favourite palaeontological classics pokemonised. Good work Game Freak.

HEART Spiral Game Studios

HOW QUICK WAS THAT? Following yesterday's ORION prelude post, the guys at Spiral Game Studios have already changed the details of the dinosaurs (and pterosaurs) in their game.

That's what we like to see. A commitment to excellence in dinosaurs and other prehistoric reptiles in games.

More of this please.

ORION Prelude

Check out Spiral Game Studios page for their new game, or a prelude to another game: ORION Prelude? There's even a trailer!!

It isn't a great trailer there are only a maximum of two dinosaurs on screen at any time. I'd be interested to see how they've contrived their dinosaurs into the game because there are jet pack people which could mean time traveling people but then there's also a lot of grass which suggests time traveling dinosaurs? Maybe clones? It could be any of these. Or all of them. Time traveling people travel a little bit back in time and meet time traveling dinosaur clones who have also time traveled. I'd buy that for a dollar.

The website confirms three genera of dinosaurs, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor. Can't say I'm surprised by any of those except Pteranodon but only because they aren't dinosaurs. Also, it should be Tyrannosaurus rex, not Tyrannosaurus Rex. WHEN WILL THESE DEVELOPERS OPEN A BOOK ABOUT DINOSAURS? We've emailed them about it.


Was when Jurassic Park was released. We all pretend that the second and god forbid the third one don't exist but that doesn't stop the IP from getting flogged like a dead horse. RPS have the low down about a new game inspired by Jason-'em-up Heavy Rain.

In other news have some lovely palaeo-themed concept art from Donkey Kong Country Returns. Isn't it wonderful?
In other less interesting news both Fossil Fighters and Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs have sequels coming out in the future. CoD (see what I did there) is even on the 3DS. I was pleasantly surprised by CoD afore however, we know it is going to be middling isn't it? Isn't it hey Ubisoft? Middling to average to par. For shame.