Dotting t's and crossing i's

Reader Grady [quite rightly] has emailed in to point out that Mamoswine was not included in this post all those months ago. Mamoswine is a mammoth-in-disguise which can be found in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, many of the Mystery Dungeons, Pokemon Battle Revolution and perhaps some of those WiiWare games.
The writers of Cunzy1 1's Dinosaurs in Games Blog do not hesitate to point out that the exclusion was no reflection on Mamoswine and was a mere oversight. Consider this post a formal apology!

Jurassic: The Hunted

We got pretty excited when we heard about Jurassic: The Hunted last year so it is without a hint of sadness to discover that it came out with AN ALMIGHTY WHIMPER!
Only two reviews on Metacritic and not so much as a sniffter of an EU release. We're used to hunting down obscure and unsuccessful dinosaur related games on auction websites but not when they were published by Activision! What is the world coming to when a dinosaur game with this kind of pedigree fizzles to release? More on this when we get it.

UPDATE: My co-author, Richie! over at That Guy's A Maniac took justice into his VERY OWN HANDS and contacted Activision about the EU release, they had this to say:

"Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about a game until it has been released. All new game information is available on the website or in our press releases."

Having just spent the last twenty minutes waiting for all those ridiculous flash videos to load up (why do publishers insist on website design circa 1990? Hello! User friendly!) we cannot find any news related to Jurassic: The Hunted. SO WE@RE TAKING THIS AS CONFIRMATION THAT IT WILL BE COMING OUT SOON! You heard this juicy morsel of dinosaur game related news here first people!