Exciting Times!: UPDATED

Imagine my happiness when this game turned up in the post today:
Why Ubisoft, why?

Yes I don't know why Top Trumps has been turned into a DS game. What is the merit/advantage over the traditional pack of cards? But it does have dinosaurs in it. So expect a review in two hours when I have finished the Ubisoft shovelware.

Preview based on box art: 5/10. Too many dogs.

UPDATE: Having now played the game it is as nonsensical as it sounds and a bad game to boot. This version has no benefits over the traditional game (aside from the fact that you can't cheat, which may not be an advantage). The two player game is awful because for obvious reasons you can't see both cards so one player guesses which attribute they will win on until they lose then the second player does the same. The element of "I hope he chooses this one" is completely lost. Furthermore, in the one player tournament game you have to play through ten rounds in one sitting without the option to save the session after each round. Even furthermore still there is a quiz option but some of the quiz questions are a bit wrong. So questions like "How many Corythosaurus are on the Corythosaurus card?" create difficulty, firstly because, you can't see the pictures on the card very well and secondly because the answer (one) doesn't appear to be correct.

Review based on playing it for an hour too long: 5/10 too many dogs.

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