Jurassic Realm PC

Found in a Morrisons for £5 I could not not buy Jurassic Realm especially with these lovelies on the box art. At the same time, I also bought 101 Dino Pets but I'm saving that gem for a rainier day. Jurassic Realm is essentially the game jewelled but given a Jurassic Twist. I say "Jurassic Twist" but quite what handaxes have to do with the Jurassic is anyone's guess.
So the aim of the game is to get rid off the symbols by clicking on ones that are in rows or columns of three or more. Different "slime" and "dynamite" items help you to clear levels quicker by wiping out entire rows or by detonating and destroying symbols nearby. The reward for beating a level is that you get to go to a new level. If you manage to beat special levels within a time limit you get to unlock dinosaurs which you can check out on a rock or something. It's not a bad game and it's not really a dinosaur game. It's a puzzle game with a coat of dinosaur paint on it but it'll munch up and hour or two in the same way that spider or minesweeper might.
That's not a high score FYI
Dinosauriness: Lots of dinosaurs and non dinosaurs are unlocked as you progress through the levels. And there are lots of levels currently I have unlocked Dimetrodon, Lesothosaurus and Triceratops but there are still plenty more to unlock.

Scientific Accuracy: It's a tricky one to call. Being first and foremost a puzzle game, the scientific accuracy is kind of hard to measure. I mean what are you supposed to be? Either way the first wheel and handaxes are some of the symbols you have to destroy which, science currently has not discovered in the Jurassic. Or Dimetrodon either. Or Triceratops really. So not winning too many points here.

Buzz Bonus: Once again, Morrisons came up top trumps. I think they may have noticed that someone is buying up all the £5 dinosaur games so are stocking them on purpose. Fair enough I guess.

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