The Stomping Land

Spotted over at Rock Paper Shotgun, The Stomping Land looks to be that rare species of Dinosaur (and other prehistoric creatures) video game, one that isn't just shooting dinosaurs in the face. Here's a video you should definitely check out.

Hopefully, this early stage isn't representative of the diversity of dinos that'll make the final cut, the roster looking very Jurassic Parky.

The Monster Hunter-esque gameplay should add an interesting element to the game and I can cross "Make Monster Hunter but with Dinosaurs" off my to-do list if all goes well! There's a rather perfunctory website up for the game at the moment and trivial details such as an ETA and supported platforms don't seem to be available as yet but either way I wish the dev team good luck!* 

*Hint, hint you'll probably get a great review from me if you mix up your dinosaur roster a bit and add some feathers.

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