Where are the Dinosaur Video Games?

We all know what makes video games such a special and powerful medium and that is the fact that they have the potential to feature dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in them. Who can look at this cold hard scientific fact and be sad? Nobody that's who.

So where are all the games? It seems that whilst the consoles sort their next generations out dinosaurs (and other prehistoric creatures) are off the cards for a while. Recently the modding community gave us hope in the form of Dino D-Day and there was a gleam of hope for the two confusing Orion games, Orion Beatdown and Orion Prelude. Primal Carnage was also in the mix. Dino D-Day has some of the best dinosaurs in games but the gameplay didn't quite set hearts alight, whichever one of the Orion games was so-so, the other Orion game still hasn't come out, despite being the first one of the two to be announced and Primal Carnage is shaping up to look like some good but shallow fun. 

Don't get me wrong, the above paragraph looks like I might be taking dinosaurs (AOPC) in games for granted. I'm not but it's the wide rainbow of dinosaurs (etc.) in games of different genres that stokes the fires of passion in our heart. Dare I say it, too many dinosaur shootan' games may damage the whole dinosaurs (&&&) in games movement.

In the meantime I stumbled upon this ol' article from IGN the (ahem) the complete history of dinosaur video games.Deary me. At least they acknowledge it isn't the be all and end all of dinosaurs in video games.

Also whilst excavating new of upcoming exciting digital dinosaurs (kipple) I found this paper about...drum roll please... dinosaurs in video games in the newsletter of the Palaeontological Association (the article is on page 82)! . Looks like I'm not alone in the Universe.

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