Planet Dinosaur

Planet Dinosaur was oh so briefly on the TV recently and as with Walking with Dinosaurs, an accompanying game has been made. You can go and play it right now, right here.

It's a fun little browser game. You can breed a number of species from the television series then let them loose in your own little panorama. It won't be breaking any records for looks. Or playability. But hey, it's free. Oh and it has achievements if you like that kind of thing. It is quite slow and if I was being cynical I'd say it was a cheap way to get people to keep coming back to the website. In fact, there are achievements for logging in every single day.... Here's my panorama so far:
Nuffin but a couple of Spinosaurus at the moment. They don't get up to much. They stomp around. There's a little sawfish catching mini game you can play for in game credits to buy more dinosaurs, food to help your babies grow to adulthood and extra bits of scenery to enrich your panorama. I'll hold off the final judgement when I've unlocked more of the dinosaurs and mini-games. If you decide to give it a go, let me know what you think in these comments.


Boti said...

Dude, that game is pretty great, I'm not even bothered by the poor quality of graphics of the fact, that the dinos don't do anything, I'm just annoyed by the fact, that every time, I leave the site, and come back later, by progress doesn't get saved [As it should be] but get's restarted and I'm back at the beginning, where I started. It's quite annoying.

Boti said...

Could anyone tell me what's up with that?
Help please! :):D

dhenz dheanz said...

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